Our professional services

Agence Sophie B. offers a full range of make-up, hairstyling and manicure services, delivered with expertise, creativity and good advice you can count on. Our artists are true beauty ambassadors, providing the experience and skill needed for media, commercial, promotional, corporate, event or private functions. Our individual or combined services can be called upon for all kinds of projects, whatever the deadline, timing or specifics. This flexibility is based on high-level technical know-how and an in-depth understanding of our areas of expertise.


Filming a TV or Web show, short film, corporate video, music video or ad? Our agency has the versatility needed to help you create the exact image that you want to project.


Trust us with your artists and personalities! We’ll ensure that they have a flawlessly polished image for TV shows, press conferences, photo shoots, launches, premieres or other public appearances.


There is nothing better than having a professional on hand during receptions, celebrations, galas or other events, ready to touch up your make-up, hair or manicure as needed. Agence Sophie B. can help make your event a success!


Our team can also meet your company’s professional standards to create a look for any publication or project intended for the public, including annual reports, training videos, websites, advertising and more.


Whether it’s for the runway or the camera, our team has the expertise and vision to create signature looks that will help your project set trends, make an irreverent statement or inspire with glamour.


When preparing for a wedding, prom or graduation, you need a skilled professional who can create the beautiful look you’ve been dreaming of. Agence Sophie B. also offers private consultation for individuals or groups.

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